Who We Are

Since 2020, Evibee has been developing a full-service marketing and consultancy agency.

Mazvydas Rupsys, the founder, has over a decade of experience managing online marketing campaigns as a qualified digital marketing specialist. With extensive expertise in web, social media, and advertising platforms, tools, and strategies, he only offers modern and results-oriented services. With a modern point of view to business and businessmen, Mazvydas was able to gain experience in a huge variety of different sectors, which led to his being able to oversee the obstacles and untangle almost every riddle along the way. The best of all is the deep understanding of an artist; his needs and wants. This depth of musical understanding was raised from the early ages when Mazvydas was playing few different instruments and getting his musical degree. Twice.  

Evibee Agency, as a company, is redefining marketing among our competitors around the globe, aiming to grow further. Seeing themselves as contemporary rebels of the industry, the team carefully selects every brand they are working with. Not only because they consider clients as friends, but also because not everyone can handle the craziness level the team sometimes brings to the decision table.

The team’s vision is to help their friends grow by implementing professional branding and modern marketing strategies.

Let’s build something beautiful together,
Beloved friends